Design Hero Animation

Jasmin Kim
3 min readApr 8, 2021

Size: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Time: Less than 2mins No minimum

Audio Video Clips

  • Low bass music tracks
  • Clarinet, bass, drum, etc
  • More consistent and chill music rather than music with climax/crescendo

Initial Storyboard & Voice Script

Interview Research

Initial Script

Music Options

Because I was looking for funky but also not too light energy type of music, I wanted to find some deep chilling Jazz music. Saxophone/piano/drum was too energetic/high tune/fast for Glaser’s voice and electric guitar was too slow. So it was hard for me to find the good balance between them.

First Voice Edit

Watching more than 20 different videos about Milton Glaser, I wanted to find something that he deeply meant it with his heart but also emotional/realistic lines. Not only looking from US videos/articles, I also watched Spain interviews and etc.


First Voice Edit(Almost 2-mis)

In-class Feedbacks:

  • Voice pass is little bit fast (can add more rest/slower tempo)(need breaks between voices)
  • Little bit long(can edit some script out for direct/

Video Inspirations

What did I learn?

  • Each transitions have some kind of connections(for example color continues, or shape continues, etc)
  • Music and the animation matches on the beat
  • Colors are simple
  • Most are illustrated animation (but I will try to combine both illustration and images of my video)

Revised storyboard

After considering the time and effectiveness, I decided to shorten my storyboard.

First storyboard sketch

This is my storyboard for 1)Intro part. Thinking about how Glaser grew up at Bronx, NY and how he defines himself as a graphic designer, I first planned about 3D book animation (page flip/person moving).

In-class Feedbacks:

  • Be careful of scheduling my time.
  • Make sure his voice is in good tempo
  • Be careful with usage of different typeface. Just as I learned from booklet project, Stencil typeface can be good for short/big text while it can also be inefficient for small long sentences.

April 22

Animation Trial 1

In-Class Feedback

  • Overall, text is not consistent ( should try to select three main type sizes for consistency)
  • 00:14sec- color palettes can be more creative: other than orange, blue, green
  • 00:25-transition looks good but color palette does not seem relative to the artist & Text consistency needed
  • 00:37-Can see what I was trying to show but falling animation can be illustrated in different way rather than strokes above
  • 00:42-This scene is interesting but should be careful not overloading colors and pictures

April 29

Animation Trial 2

In-Class Feedback

  • 0:11sec-Kid walking is kind of awkward
  • 0:13sec-This green house did not exist at that time(might consider different style)
  • 0:37sec-”Belived it” Spelled wrong
  • 0:55sec-Add the credits

Aspects to think about

What did I try to show from this video?

Milton Glaser is one of the artist with A LOT of works. I wanted to show diversity as much as I can. His style is massive. It can be simplistic, colorful(saturated, pastel, etc), energetic, calm, and go on. His artwork can be funky, fast, slow, and anything.

Final Video