Milton Glaser Booklet&Mobile Experience

Jasmin Kim
6 min readMar 18, 2021


1st Assignment

Bring in a book that’s meaningful to me. And to make things easier, make a quick list of every part of it that I consider to be designed.

Favorite design detail of my chosen books.

Grid Exercise

Flat plan sketches

In-class Feedbacks:

  • “Art is whatever” spread should be placed with more thoughts (Milton Glaser is a designer who places every single aspects with a reason)
  • More consideration needed in deciding the typeface(Impact does not seem suitable for him)
  • Think about what explains his work & part of your designing at the same time
  • Good mix of dark and bright is always helpful ( contrast)

3/16 Booklet Review

In-Class Feedbacks:

  • Font for Years will better if it is changed to Stencil
  • Rather than having middle align for paragraphs in Timeline spread, right or left align would be better
  • Colors are getting there for “Less isn’t more; just enough is more” spread (try to explore more on this)
  • For the same spread, it kind a looks empty and hollow (think about how to add patterns/show Milton Glaser’s work within the spread)
  • Cover/end pages are kind a confusing (my point was to illustrate the idea of his life starting and ending)

3/18 Booklet Review

In-Class Feedbacks:

  • Overall colors are working nice; but where can we see his work?style?
  • Too much of his portrait
  • How can you improve the cover pages that can deliver better/clear messages
  • Yes, I get that his live started 1929 and ended 2020. But How can I make this more his style?

Things to think about

  • How do I develop a grid that supports the spread?
  • How can I design page spreads that are consistently inconsistent?

3/23 Second Booklet Review

In-Class Feedbacks:

  • Yes, cover pages are imitating Milton Glaser’s logo. But does that color really represents him?
Color red is used as a highlight to pin-point/catch attention — Not used entire page
  • Try to think about the poster that I created before & think about his art works ( does he only use a single color? or diverse/creative color palettes)
  • Last spread(right before the end cover page) shows something interesting about layouts/design: Try to utilize this idea to other spreads too
  • Think about how to balance between the usage of Helvetica and Stencil(how can stencil be unique(special)/not used for every quotes/parts)
  • “03 — to be a designer” spread does not represent Glaser except the circles(part of his work) on the back. Why did I choose this red color? Why too saturated?(part to think about)
  • “Less isn’t more; Just enough is more” spread does have great layout but how can I use more Milton Glaser’s colors?
  • Gray squares on 04 left spread should be placed with more consideration/Why just simple black squares? This spread is interesting but does not communicate well with rest of the spreads.

3/25 Third Booklet Review

In-Class Feedbacks:

  • No need to repeat footer for a spread
  • Even though there are several art works on 02 spread, it seems empty.
  • Middle spread (“Less isn’t more; Just enough is more) is interesting but still not communicative enough as much as other spreads
  • 04 spread seems out of the blue. It is interesting and unique but does not remind Glaser’s art style

3/29 Outside of class booklet review

Three Tryouts of 04 spread
Middle spread Tryouts

Things to consider

  • What am I trying to achieve from each spreads?
  • What spread explores more about Glaser?
  • Am I trying to create a consistency?
  • Is it too much or do I need more?

Print out Versions

Figuring out how it looks like in real life

3/30 Third Booklet Review

Final Showcase

Milton Glaser Mobile Experience

Wireframe First sketch & V.1 Site Map

Digital Wireframe & V.2 Site Map


  • 0:03sec-Overlay Menu bar looks interesting(does not cover the entire page and has good amount of negative spaces)
  • 0:17sec-Timeline page seems unfinished and it looks like its theme does not really match with previous works(booklet/poster/website)
  • 0:25sec-Having a separate hamburger menu page on the overlay menu bar can be confusing for the user (try to find a alternative way to combine this menu page with the main menu page)

Things to think about

  • How can I trigger the user to click a certain area? Color? Animation? Size?
  • What is good amount of text/image? How can I manage good amount of white space and information at the same time?
  • How much information am I trying to show? Is the color matching the theme?

Digital Wireframe #2 & V.3 Site Map


  • 0:10sec-White thin text might be hard to read over black background/ try to change the thickness
  • 0:53sec-Timeline looks better than the previous one but how can I show more related theme with Glaser? Instead of just simple straight line of dates what can I do?

Final Mobile Experience