Place Project pt 3: 3D Printing

Jasmin Kim
5 min readNov 14, 2021

From previous pt. 2) Photogrammetry Project:

With this photogrammetry result, I’ve moved on from metashape to meshmixer.

3D Printing

While I was working on this 3D printing process, I faced several problems.

First Problem:

Even though I made it the exact size of the printer, the system kept denied my file to try out printing. Even though I made the size smaller, now, the file size was still too big to be printed. The original saved STL Binary format file sizer was more than 200MB.

How did I solve this?

To solve the printer size problem, I did ‘all-select’ and made it smaller than my first intend.

To solve the file size problem, I ‘all-select’ed and reduced the object.

Second Problem:

What I thought

Before -> After

For my bikes, I thought my paddles will a problem. The connecter area part was too thin that it might melt while printing. However, I decided to try out actually printing it.

How it worked out

When I actually tried it out, paddles were not a problem. The back part of the wheel connector and handle connectors were new variables that popped up.

From what I’ve learned is that the printer kept goes on before the actual model can cool down and be stabilized.

But I liked how small details this 3D printing were capturing. Like:

  • small curve-ins on the wheel
  • smooth curves/surfaces for the seat
  • accurate angles of bikes

How did I solve this?

I partially selected objects to create an offset from the original parts. I tried to control the smooth connect very carefully so that it does not look awkward.

Third Problem:

Before -> After

Un-even surfaces, bumpy and rough surfaces were the last problem that I had to deal with.

How did I solve this?

During class feedback session, I learned that BubbleSmooth could be useful for this type of problem.

3D-Printing Trials

1st Trial

  • Handle and Back part of the wheels problem acknowledged

2nd Trial

  • For some reason, my object was not printed fully
  • I tried to go back to meshmixer and made the object shapes reduced and less heavy

3rd Trial

  • Full parts were not printed when I tried Detail 0.005IN version
  • I liked how this print captured the curved-in details on the wheel
  • From this trial I decided to work with medium resolution

4th Trial

  • Few parts still missing (from melting)
  • One bicycle’s back wheel connecting part was printed out but the other one had no chance of being printed
  • Handle connecting part is still melting/getting lost during the watering or printing process
  • But overall, I liked how it came out

5th Trial

  • Not being printed/Skylab Portal denied several times for printing
  • Talked with Cody about this and it was a tech-system problem that I have to wait to be solved

Final STL File

Final Reflection

From this 3D-printing project, I got to try to make a miniature physical model of what I’ve captured for past two projects. I really liked how every projects were connected and somehow affecting each other.

From this 3D-printing process, I learned how to collaborate obj’s with meshmixer for printing. I learned how to make different iterations and to improve my prints over the course of this project. Even though I had three main problems/hardships that I had to overcome, I was partially able to figure out by discussing during class. I realized that printing takes a lot of effort/time and I learned that I need patience and delicate sense when I’m working with 3D- printing projects.

Overall, it was a great experience with my first 3D-printing and I would like to think about actual modeling my own object and printing it out in the future.