Type & Motion

“Design a 60-second video that highlights the unique characteristics and personality of your typeface in the context of its use and in relation to its larger type family, if that exists. Here is your opportunity to take advantage of sequence and motion in visually describing and comparing the various forms and attributes of your typeface.”

Jasmin Kim
6 min readDec 5, 2020

What can be included in the video?

  • the name of the type face and the family
  • the name of the designer(s), the country of origin, and date of design
  • emphasize visual characteristics of the family
  • examples of the various weights, slants, etc of the entire family
  • examples of the type in use, as display and in text block(s)
  • at the video’s end, wait two seconds, then add your credits.


Format size: 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
File format: .mp4w

Brief About Myriad

This humanist sans-serif exhibits a wider set of variants than grotesque or geometric faces, and is well suited for a broad range of text and display applications. Because of its readability and accessibility, Myriad has been adopted by a wide variety of companies like Apple, Adobe, Linkedin, and Walmart.


For my music choices, I’ve come up with two different music: “Sodium Attack” and “Milk Teeth” (both from BROMELIAD Music Library). While “Sodium Attack” has more mysterious and bouncy/upbeat feeling(with low brass sound)of funky, “Milk Teeth” is more quirky/playful with high pitched and cheerful piano sound. Both musics are rhythmical and unique.

I wanted music to be kind of similar/continuous from the beginning to the end of the music because I wanted the video to be relevant to each other and feel connected.

Script 1

Storyboard Draft 1

Adjectives & Typeface Anatomy 1
Typeface Anatomy 2
Analysis & Ending

In-class Feedbacks:

  • Careful using the white space (might look as if it is an ending)
  • Balance between too much and good amount
  • Dark blue might be effective and can be also distracting(there’s no connection through out the animation)
  • “Stems” slide does not need that many text
  • Overall lower the text size

Things to decide

  • How many colors am I trying to use? Should I include blue for diversity or take it out for unity?
  • How well l can I visualize those adjectives?
  • All cap? All Lower case? Half/Half?
  • Thinking about what after effect can do, simplifying name scene could be helpful too
  • Going back to the poster and thinking whether I should add/subtract a color

Final music Choice:


Storyboard Draft 2

Adjectives and Typeface Anatomy
Typeface Anatomy 2 and Ending

In-class Feedbacks:

  • Do you think using white space(again)is effective in this video? (feel like it is the end of the video)
  • Slightly titled (upper case — lower case) is working well but try to use the same format overall
  • How am I going to visualize Versatile? Stretch? Different font size? Color?
  • Limitless OR Endless
  • How can you connect Stems and Ending scene? Based on quick tempo beats, having letters moving behind dashed lines might not be effective

Video Draft 1

Versatile scene:

Straight and Tilted scene:

Can be Unique scene:


  • a, b, g, q and Unique scene is not communicative enough (prefer different color combinations)
  • Apple can align Adobe (last scene)
  • Instead of having light color Versatile going across the screen, try to change the letters itself
  • Smaller space between stems/terminals and L,h,K

Video Draft 2

Versatile scene

  • Three different color palettes (yellow, peach, green)
  • Orders: random letters -> versatile -> random letters(on beats) -> color green fills up

General Guide lines

  • Same Guide lines through out the video is important for consistency

Font Types scene

  • Larger font size for the right side

Can be Unique


  • Check if letters are in the same guide lines (should be horizontally aligned)
  • “Humanist Sans serif” can align with names(previous scene)/use same margin
  • Change versatile scene to all yellow (get rid of peach tone color)
  • Align “Apple” and “Adobe” (so that our eyes can end to the right corner)

Final Video

Reflection for Typography Poster & Video:

These typography projects were overall helpful for me to review and learn about several things.

Developing a communicative and readable spread was a helpful experience to review certain design skills. Just like every other project does, this one also required me to make appropriate and effective design decisions for each step/process.

Creating an animation was also an opportunity for me to creatively explain the essence of my typeface rather than illustrating it to a motionless printed spread. I think creating a live motion with these fonts allowed me to think beyond. While I had to think about principles of design — Unity/Harmony, Balance, Hierarchy, Scale/Proportion, Dominance /Emphasis, Similarity, and Contrast — into the spread, creating a video required me to think about how to take advantage of character’s sequence and motion. To create this video, I needed to explore broader(thinking about the next scene) while the spread was thinking about every little detail of my typeface at that exact moment.

For both my video and the spread, I had to overcome balancing between over-doing and simplifying. Because both of projects had limits space or time, I had to manage well so that I can show what ever I want to show and deliver the message. For my font, Myriad, I think I was able to achieve this by having limited color palettes that has both energetic and sophisticated tones while having filled and outlined letters for my spread and diverse font styles for my video.